The Most Popular Adblock Lists

Adblock Warning Removal List         
Anti-Adblock Killer by Reek          
Blockzilla by zpacman                
EasyList Arabian                     
EasyList Bulgarian                   
EasyList Chinese                     
EasyList Chinese CJX's Annoyance List
Easylist Czech/Slovak                
EasyList Dutch                       
EasyList French                      
EasyList Germany                     
EasyList Hebrew                      
EasyList Icelandic                   
EasyList Indonesian                  
EasyList Italian                     
EasyList Japanese                    
Easylist Latvian                     
EasyList Lithuanian                  
EasyList Romanian                    
EasyList Russian                     
EasyList Spanish                     
EasyList without element hiding rules
EasyPrivacy without international filters
Fanboy's Annoyance List              
Fanboy's Social Blocking List        
I don't care about cookies           
Prebake - Filter Obtrusive Cookie Notices

Chrome Extension Snippet – Modify Response Header

If you would like to ‘fake give yourself CORS’ for every request, modify cookies to remove the ‘http’ only directive so you could always edit cookies using javascript, or perhaps just add an X-Hello: World header to every response you get from anywhere, to fool your browser to think it is the real thing, got from a foo-server,
– here is what you need to do:
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