JS-Snippet – ReLink URLs For A Quick Download From GitHub

Naturally GitHub is not “THE” place for binary files sharing,
but it used quite often as one (yep! even Google does it..).

It is a great place to put files.. by downloading it,
is not always the fastest way, unless the author had some basic understanding,
and provided you with direct-links to the files, which may be easily put in the README..

this is probably what you’ll normally do..

walking through:


Since the structure of the direct-download links is known,
at least for now (it did changed few times before..)
you can “fix” the links, to point to the direct URL..

not only does it relink, so you can click and download
or copy the links to your download-manager (one by one),
it also generates a links, and outputs it to the console.

amm…naturally it is an ad-hoc solution..

NodeList.prototype.map = Array.prototype.map;

var list = document.querySelectorAll('[href*="/blob/"]').map(function(a){
  var URL = a.href; //js-object .href includes the domain for relative URLs.

  //fix URL to point to the file, directly.
  URL = URL.replace(/http\:/g, "https:")                                                 //make sure it is https:
           .replace(/^https\:\/\/github.com\//gi, "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/")  //this is the current way to download
           .replace(/\/blob\//g, "/")                                                     //remove this too...
  a.setAttribute("href", URL);  //explicitly set "href" attribute.

  //will also help downloading.
  a.setAttribute("download", a.innerText.replace(/[\r\n]/g));
  a.setAttribute("type", "application/octet-stream");

  return URL;


Download Latest BUSYBOX Binary For Android – Ready To Use!


This version is pretty much the latest one you’ll see online: https://www.busybox.net/downloads/binaries/1.21.1/

But the real latest one (to date) binary (ready to use!) is this one:

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Reverse Engineer And Modify D-Link Binary Firmware File

Some time ago I’ve published an article(post?) about blocking ads using the router,
while it works just fine for non-html files, such as scripts, images and such,
it isn’t so great solution for blocking iframes that shows HTML content,

when the (original firmware) D-Link router software identify a forbidden domain,
it sends out a series of responses, ending with a html page (HTML 1.0 302 redirect -> 200 response page),

while for <script> elements it works perfectly, since it renders an invalid script,
– blocked domain, which shows ads, for example in an iframe in the page (such as eBay),
will still block the original content, but will show an iframe, well… filled with the D-Link’s blocked page msg:

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Genymotion Flash GApps, SuperSU And Update Binary su

– Genymotion-ARM-Translation_v1.1.zip
– gapps-kk-20140105-signed.zip
– UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.46.zip

the process of drag&drop the zip, outputs some a series of messages
ending with one suggesting you should restart (close and re-run) the machine – you can delay this action until you finish the last of the drag&drop actions.



how to enter your gmail details (to add your Google account)?
Simple: open Google-Play market from app icon in your app-list and fill-in your credentials,

while you are working (before you’ve done the restart) you would probably be shown the following message(s) regarding Google-services the ends unexpectedly:
its ok, once you’ll be done, and restart the emulator (close the window, and start the machine again) this issue will be fixed,

the reason is that, although Genymotion saying “flash completed” it contains no actual recovery partition and it actually just extracts and follow the flash file instructions, installing the files to the locations and running daemon on the boot-loader phase, so, really it all be ok once you’ll be restarting your emulator :)

In this example the Operation-System is SDK version 19 (Android 4.4.4).
Some of the most recent apps from the market won’t be installed unless you’ll update the Google components, the most important is the google services, and google webview.

although the ZIPs are easy to find on the web,
here are unmodified, original version, works on S3 (4.4.2) Note3, S4, S5 (4.4.4) would probably won’t work on lollipop (5.0.1-5.1.1) and marshmallow (6.*)




Samsung Note 3 N900 – Custom Recovery, Supersu Binary, SuperUser APK, Mount System R/W, Disable KNOX, Remove Bloatware


  • Install a custom-recovery
    • turn off the phone, wait for full shutdown (no screen/LED indicator)
    • hold [volume down]+[home button]+[power button]
    • press [volume up] on this screen
    • on your pc: uninstall KIES package (if exist..), and install plain drivers from http://developer.samsung.com/technical-doc/view.do?v=T000000117
    • on your pc: download odin: Odin3_v3_07.rar, extract it anywhere.
    • on your pc: download this version of TWRP custom recovery (better then clockwork’s): openrecovery-twrp-, extract it anywhere (but just once, you need to end up with tar file, don’t extract the tar file itself).
    • plug in your phone to USB2.0 port (don’t use USB3.0), wait for drivers installation to finish.
    • right click Odin3-v3.07.exe and select “Run as administrator”
    • on odin, click the PDA button, load the tar file, press start wait till finish.
    • the phone will restart (done).
  • install supersu binary “package”