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raw content:

for example, here are all the “switches” files, in raw mode, which may help you include them in a script using cURL or wGet:

also may be useful:

this windows-batch script will download and append each of the files, to a single “” file, then it will open it with Notepad++.
(Just put all the files in “switches_urls.txt” file, place wGet.exe somewhere and modify the path to Notepad++.exe)

@echo off
if exist   del /f /q   >nul

call d:\DOS\wGet\wget.exe         ^
--input-file="switches_urls.txt"  ^
--user-agent="Mozilla/5"          ^
--no-check-certificate            ^
--secure-protocol="auto"          ^
--auth-no-challenge               ^
--no-directories                  ^
--directory-prefix=.              ^

::open for viewing (optional)
call "D:\Software\Notepad++\Notepad++.exe"