.htaccess Trick To Proper Download Binary-Files

Add this to the .htaccess at your website’s root.
It will make sure binary files are
– fully supported on parallel and multi-download managers.
– explicit download-supported on older browsers.
– not sniffed for type (first few bytes).
– have proper name addition to Content-Disposition, even long names are supported.

the rule below includes a lot of extension
mostly I’ve extracted from 7Zip, WinRAR, WinZip, Adobe Audition and UltraISO.

it also prevents files from being executed from your website,
on client’s desktop or mobile phone, especially XPI (Firefox extension) and CRX (Chrome extension)
which won’t be jumping warnings from the browser (so you can finally host them safely).

naturally don’t expand the rule below to web-extensions such as PHP, HTM, HTML, swf or JS otherwise your website file will suddenly be downloaded instead of being parsed..

old file-extensions such as vbs are recommended to being added, again this adds security measure, to prevent script execution (mostly from Internet-Explorer users) on their desktops.

<FilesMatch "\.(?i:000|001|002|7z|7zip|ace|aif|ape|arj|ashdisc|au|avi|b5i|b5t|b64|b6i|b6t|bat|bhx|bif|bin|bwi|bwt|bz2|bzip|bzip2|c2d|cab|ccd|cda|cdi|cel|cif|cmd|command|cpio|cpx|cue|daa|dao|db|dbl|deb|dmg|dvd|dwd|fat|fcd|fla|flac|flp|gi|gz|gzip|hfs|hqx|iff|ima|img|iso|isz|jar|lcs|lha|lzh|lzma|m4a|mac|mdf|mds|mim|mp\+|mp\+\+|mp1|mp2|mp3|mp4|mpc|mpg|mpp|ncd|nrg|ntfs|off|p2i|pcm|pdi|pxi|rar|raw|reg|rif|rpm|sam|smp|snd|sql|sql3|sqlite|squashfs|svx|swm|tao|tar|tar\.md5|taz|tbz|tbz2|tgz|timg|tpz|txz|tz|uif|uue|vbs|vc4|vhd|voc|vox|wav|wim|wma|xar|xmd|xmf|xpi|xz|z|zip|zipx)$">

##optional - will force download, but will also make HTML5 resources for audio/video not-work no older browsers.
#  <IfModule mod_mime.c> 
#    ForceType application/octet-stream
#  </IfModule>

  <IfModule mod_headers.c> 
    ##fix a bug in old GoDaddy servers.
    Header unset X-Content-Type-Options
    Header unset Content-Disposition

    ##prevent mimetype sniffing (first few bytes can determine that a file should be opened in browser).
    Header set X-Content-Type-Options "nosniff"

    ##extract filename, apply to proper (for example) Content-Disposition: attachment; file="my music.mp3"
    SetEnvIf Request_URI "^.*/([^/]*)$" FILENAME=$1
    Header set "Content-Disposition" "attachment;filename=\"%{FILENAME}e\""
    UnsetEnv FILENAME


VobSub 2.23 Installer Free

Contains The “Installer/Setup/Registry Free” Files, In A Compressed Format.
Unmodified, Original Files Of VobSub Installer.

technical stuff.
I always misplacing the installer and Windows Vista/7/8+ has problems installing it.

I’ve analysed the latest available VobSub_2.23.exe,

some exe stuff:
it has File Offset 00003264 and Overlay 000A71D0.
reverse engineering showed that it has Installer Nullsoft PiMP Stub header,

so rather than installing and collecting the files from around my PC, I’ve used my reverse Nullsoft installer script (wrote it when I was 12 years old for d2k2.ollydbg..).

you can use it for VirtualDub video editing as a “normal” (a.k.a not SSA/ASS subtitles embedded).
it is easy as placing the files in the ‘plugins’ folder and restarting VirtualDub.

You may use some of the files, or run the exe to register the DLL files,
or do it manually.

Files in the package:

|   DVobSub.ax
|   submux.exe
|   subresync.exe
|   unrar.dll
|   vobsub.dll
|   vobsub.ini
|   vobsub_au.auf
|       ass-quickref.txt
|       ass-specs.doc
|       dvobsub.txt
|       license.txt
|       readme1st.txt
|       submux.txt
|       subresync.txt
|       supported formats.txt
|       textsub.txt
|       unicode.txt
|       vobsub-auto.txt
|       vobsub.txt


on VirtualDub:
you can essentially place this folder anywhere, but conventionally copy everything (deflate the folders) into .....path....\VirtualDub\plugins\.
afterwards, you close and open VirtualDub, and (on the top menu) go to videofilters... – click Add... – click Load..., select either textsub.vdf or vobsub_vd.vdf, and continue to load your srt subtitles, etc…