Aria2C Batch File For Quick Download

Copy to following CMD batch-file content into a new file,
and name it aria2download.cmd.

Place the file in the same folder as your aria2c.exe,
make sure it is your system-PATH,

and you can now enter aria2download "http..your-url..."
for a quick file-download to the current folder you are in.

All the important-switches are already set, such as maximum split value, and maximum connections per-server for ultra-fast download and an extra permissive-SSL to allow you to download from secure-servers without certificate verifying and a browser-like useragent and referrer value to generate a compatible download session with servers that often will block download-managers. You can easily personalise the batch-file to include an additional headers, authentications, etc…

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aria2c Sample – Chromium Command-Line Switch Updater

Getting the most updated command-line switches for Chromium (Google-Chrome base code) is always a work in progress,
since this is a `live code` you can never say “Ok, I’m Done”, there will always be a new one, or old one retired from being actively used in the, well.., actual code.
So if you’re relaying on command-line switches in your scripts, or just want to try out new features before the `bleed into` the actual Google-Chrome main version, you probably want to bookmark this article :]]

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