ImageMagick Nightly Builds;O=D

Sadly there is no “latest” entry,
but you can sort by modification date,
(and even parse a digest.rdf to find-out the name of the latest build..)

and make-use of your browser’s [CTRL]+[F] to look for your prefered build,
for me it is the Windows x64 fully static, portable Q16, the higher version (ver 7 given the choice between latest build of 6 or 7..).

– use multi-part download manager if you want to download with speed-rates greater than 80KB/S
– use http instead of https prefix to avoid the ssl hand-shake and download faster on download-managers such as OrbitDownloader :)
– you can find Android compatible builds if you want to give your mobile-phone the power of the gods… :))

It is a bit messy to find the correct download since it does not separated properly,
but you may run the following line in the developer’s-panel’s console:
document.querySelectorAll('[href*="portable"]:not([href$="asc"])').forEach(function(element){ console.log(element.href); })

to get just the useful ones:
For Windows x64 (64-bit):

For Windows x86 (32-bit):

4Chan Logo Vectorised

I was created some artist rendering of the old 4chan logo and pass it through to a clean vector graphic (all available formats..).
I’ve thought it might be useful for anyone else too… so I’m sharing it here….

but first…

here is an ICON file (32bit with alpha transparency and with 256 colors too, all formats from 256×256 down to-> 16×16)

here is the seed I’ve used (256×256 PNG, 32bit with alpha transparency)

and the vector graphic ones: