Hiren's BootCD‘s menu.lst includes the following part:

title Mini Windows Xp\nRun Antivirus and other windows programs
# example password: test 
# password --md5 $1$gNe0$KZPOE8wNbTNSKOzrajuoB0
find --set-root /HBCD/XP/XP.BIN
#map --mem /HBCD/XP/f6drivers.img (fd0)&&map --hook
chainloader /HBCD/XP/XP.BIN

The f6drivers.img line is marked out (the file does not actually exist),

You may download the x86 drivers from: #1 or #2, WinImage and just place the content in a new .IMA file, next- rename the extension from .IMA to .IMG.

Download a ready to use .IMG files:
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