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0.45 (August 7, 2016):
- SSeekBar weight attribute integer/float JSON conversion fix.
0.44 (December 21, 2015):
- Fixes compatibility issues with 6.0.
0.42-0.43 (September 8, 2015):
- Fix crash related to custom toasts
0.41 (March 24, 2015):
- Added option to disable boot stability flag (Credit: Tomasz Lewoc)
- Fixing framework issues related to newer API versions >19-21.
0.39 (July 6, 2014):
- Fixed SButton crash with users who have Xposed custom toast message mods.
- Fixed display issues with TreeDescriptor and OptionList elements..
- Fixed display issue on toast messages.
- Fixed issue with notifiers and listeners.
- Fixed edit text not appearing in SGeneric.
- Changed the method to select items: Please use the "Select" button on the top right to select elements. An element is selectable by long-pressing on it. Reset all/section replaces is replaced by first selecting the desired elements and then using the "Reset" action.
- Seeker no longer registers touches outside of the scrubber.
- Fixed and improved performance related to the internal shells.
- Updated icon-sets to higher resolution ones.
- Fixed big memory leak issue when resuming app.
- Added settings:
- Includes a master bootservice flag checkbox
- Wallpaper theme change option
- Fixes crash when resetting to defaults
- Added translucent status and navigation bar support.
- Minor fixes.
- Fixed issue with notifiers.
- Addition of notifier and listener events between elements.
- Addition of a STreeDescriptor element for dynamic element building at runtime.
- Changed SGeneric's view element, it is no longer a perpetual EditText.
- Various fixes.
0.27 - 0.28 - 0.29:
- Small interface/element fixes.
- Dropped Android 4.1 support.
- Improved loading performance by up to 30%.
- Various optimizations.
- Added an SSpacer element for ... spacing.
- Absolute positioning in SeekBar value lists.
- Hyperlinks in Description elements allowed.
- Fixed LiveLabel centering.
- Decreased loading time by ~15% and reduced memory footprint by up to 35%.
- Value object lists are useable in SSeekBar's arbitrary mode.
- Visual changes to SPane.
- Added new SGeneric element.
- Fixed crash on non-rooted phones.
- Fixed crashes related to non-proper population of values parameters on the elements.
- About 20-25% reduced loading time.
- Fixes related to reading out live values when resuming app.
- Multi-threaded element updating on app resume.
- Per-element failure handling.
- Fixed rendering of SmartSeeker scrubber positioning in arbitrary value mode.
- Added style options to LiveLabel.
- Removed boot flag delay when applying/canceling in-app.
- Idiot-proofing of crash cases caused by people running the app in unsupported environments.
- Increased the timeout of root permission granting.
- Added a new "LiveLabel" element.
0.15 & 0.16:
- Added a navigation drawer
- Fixed button highlighting
0.12 & 0.13:
- Configuration localisation support.
- Better reporting of boot flag if failed to set at boot.
- Fixes crash on restart after app gets killed from memory.
- On-boot and on-apply crash detection. There is a 120s grace period for boot and 20s for live applying for the boot flag to reapply itself.

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