Segoe-UI For The Web From Skype

Install Skype,
once done look for Skype.msi around your PC. Either %TEMP% or %ProgramData%\Skype\{ ...a long string of characters... } would be most likely to have it, download 7-Zip and open Skype.msi,
look for (open it) and (open it too),
select all of the content, drag&drop it to your desktop.

Sometimes you’ll find the‘s content has already extracted to %UserProfile%\AppData\Local\Skype\Apps\login\ or %LocalAppData%\Skype\Apps\login\, it is usually happens after you first login to your account, as a cache (but the MSI-extraction method above is better..)

The fonts and css folders is what your want, you can use it for testing and private stuff on your PC. For the web you should probably buy a server-licence from M$…

Here are some screenshots:

Edit:This trick will work for old installation of Skype,
version 74.85.102 from April 2015 will do just fine,
you’ll probably won’t be able to extract the,
or have a login folder in newer versions.
Try using FileHippo.

also available here: