Google Accounts, And The New Non-Standard Placeholder – And How To Remove It!

This might bug you when typing:

Since its transition up/down is not perfect,
and it covers the real, native, input element.

If you’re having uBlock origin, simply add the rule:[type^="password"] + div[jsname][aria-hidden]

– perfectly safe.
– due to a parsing bug don’t use [type="password"] but partial-match (*,^ or $).
– you can make it as generic as you’ll like: + [jsname][aria-hidden] to fix it for other input types + [aria-hidden]
or even ##input + [aria-hidden] will do just fine, since aria-hidden are purely informational, so they can be safely be hidden (display:none as is..) or even totally removed!

In-fact, scratch that!.

The elements are still buggy and focus-stealing unless removed from the DOM,
which sadly can not be done with uBlock/AdBlock (those will simply just hide it..)

You better download the Google Chrome-extension: