Remove Desktop Context-Menu

Installing a GPU driver often adds some extra items to the desktop’s context-menu (a.k.a desktop’s right-click menu). you can safely clean (and restore later if needed) those items.

open the following registry key:


it should look similar to this:

following simple- export key+delete key, will remove any unwanted items.

1.right click, 00nView Select Export, and save as .Reg file anywhere (this will backup the menu item).
2. right click again, delete the key.

3. repeat (steps 1-2) as needed, the rule of thumb is that on Windows-XP the only item needed is the one named “New“, On Vista and Windows7 there are “Gadgets“, “New” and “Sharing“, any other keys can be removed (and restored later, if needed , by double clicking the exported .Reg file).

a known Intel and NVIDIA keys are 00nView, igfxcui and NvCplDesktopContext.


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