Prevent Skype-Click2Call Toolbar From Breaking Your Website

If your website viewers have Skype installed the Skype Internet Explorer Toolbar with wreak havoc on your websites, in case it (Skype’s browser-extension) discovers any sort of data which resembles a phone number, it will then edit the HTML around the text to a hyperlink, making it clickable, and when clicked the main Skype application on your PC (or mobile) will open.

Include the following meta tag to prevent this action.


*Oh and apparently both the name and content are case-sensitive (if won’t work if you’ll use "skype_toolbar"/"skype_toolbar_parser_compatible" :]
Edit:*Also- it is HARD-CODED @Skype in a way you must use meta-name-content and will NOT work if you’re to be putting the content before the name :]]
–Edit:**ALSO! – it won’t work if you’ll to be put a self-closing slash at the end: /> you MUST use > :]]]
—Edit:***G.Damn it!!!! it won’t work if you put a space before the >…. essentially copy the line above :]]]]


… :]]]]]


If you DO wish to pre-specify your contact telephone-number to be Skype-compatible (I guess it is useful if you are sort of seller/retailer)

<!-- sphoneid telnr="+972123456789" fileas="firstname lastname" -->+972-12-345-6789<!-- sphoneid -->

You might as well add the following meta-tag, to avoid all sort of (other) unintentional “”content-discovering””..

<meta name="format-detection" content="telephone=no,date=no,address=no,email=no,url=no" />

(You may customize the limitation by removing telephone/date/address/email/url from the content attribute)

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