PHP Snippet – Session Help – Store User’s Unique-Id (SSID, SSIDv4) And Force Minimal Requests Frequency By Using Request-Time Header

the following code is part of an online service I’ve recently wrote,

  • the session cookie is HTTP-Server only, meaning no JavaScript modification.
  • each user will have two unique id-s, one is the native by PHP, with increased entropy, and one is UUID version 4 Standard, as required by some services (Microsoft, and some of Google Analytics codes require it)
  • checking the DELTA from the last request-time, all “too frequent” requests, ones which will arrive in less then a second one after the other will be rejected.
  • session cookie renamed to something meaningful other then PHP_SESSION
    • naturally this is a generic-concept, its bad practice to kick your users, but if your server allows it, you may also run a slimmer scope using $SERVER['REQUEST_TIME_FLOAT'] which will provide a finer measurement.

      second best thing is to maintain the same principle using user’s IP,

      define('SSID','servicessid'); session_name(SSID); ini_set('session.cookie_httponly',1); 
      if(session_status() == PHP_SESSION_NONE || session_id() == ''){session_start(); } 
      //maintain user's unique id
      if(! isset($_SESSION['uniqueID'])){           $_SESSION['uniqueID'] = uniqid('',true); } //session unique id
      if(! isset($_SESSION['uniqueID_SSIDv4'])){    $_SESSION['uniqueID_UUIDv4'] = sprintf('%04x%04x-%04x-%04x-%04x-%04x%04x%04x',mt_rand(0,0xffff),mt_rand(0,0xffff),mt_rand(0,0xffff),mt_rand(0,0x0fff)|0x4000,mt_rand(0,0x3fff)|0x8000,mt_rand(0,0xffff),mt_rand(0,0xffff),mt_rand(0,0xffff)) } //session unique id
      //maintain last request time, to prevent DoS
        $_SESSION['reqTime_prev'] = isset($_SESSION['reqTime_now']) ? $_SESSION['reqTime_now'] : 0;
        $_SESSION['reqTime_now'] = $_SERVER['REQUEST_TIME'];
        $sessionRequestDiff = $_SESSION['reqTime_now'] - $_SESSION['reqTime_prev'];
        if($sessionRequestDiff < 2){
          echo '{error: "your last request was 1 second ago. please take it easy..}';

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