PHP Snippet – A Self-Called Function Just Like JavaScript

This is the parallel of PHP to one of JavaScript’s most usable work-in design-pattern

self-called, with arguments, anonymous method are commonly used to /block/ a code-segment,
(/block/ as in “put something in a code-block” and not to block something…)
this essentially keeps your code builds as a smaller building blocks, rather then a one continues code-block.

As a coding design pattern I’ve highly recommend to use,
I’ve already converted tens of modules to the following writing-pattern,
and all of my clients practically fell-in love with this new pattern, mostly accepted it as company standards.

  external_variable1 = ... ,
  external_variable2 = ... ,

var result = (function(variable1, variable2, ...){
  return ...
}(external_variable1, external_variable2, ...));

here is the parallel of PHP’s universe:

$external_variable1 = ... ,
$external_variable2 = ... ,

$result = call_user_func_array(function($variable1, $variable2, ...){
  return ...
}, array($external_variable1, $external_variable2, ...));

lovely how those too play nicely together P.S. this is no coincidence those pattern are cross-languages-similar!

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