Noto Alpha – Getting The Latest Noto OTF Files, From GitHub’s Pipeling Of-Course!

//go to latest commit to get the full list of files... 
// =;
var list = document.querySelectorAll('a[href][title*="/unhinted"][title$=".otf"]')
                   .map(function(a){return a.title}) //value is in the title...
                      return ""
                             + s
                   }) //the absolute download url..

now grab yourself the list, copy it into a “all_urls.txt” file,
and go get aria2c page, and use the following command to download

call aria2c.exe                       ^
--allow-overwrite=true                ^
--auto-file-renaming=false            ^
--check-certificate=false             ^
--check-integrity=false               ^
--connect-timeout=120                 ^
--console-log-level=notice            ^
--continue=true                       ^
--dir="."                             ^
--disable-ipv6=true                   ^
--enable-http-keep-alive=true         ^
--enable-http-pipelining=true         ^
--file-allocation=prealloc            ^
--force-sequential=false              ^
--http-auth-challenge=false           ^
--human-readable=true                 ^
--input-file="all_urls.txt"           ^
--max-concurrent-downloads=128        ^
--max-connection-per-server=16        ^
--max-tries=2                         ^
--min-split-size=1M                   ^
--optimize-concurrent-downloads=false ^
--rpc-secure=false                    ^
--split=1                             ^
--stream-piece-selector=default       ^
--timeout=120                         ^
--uri-selector=feedback               ^
--user-agent="Mozilla/5.0 Chrome"

downloading the entire-list without any too much pain,
in parallel..

Ps. here is a sample list you can download

all_urls.txt [198KB].


Since this feature is so useful I’ve wrap it with a small chrome extension,
by visiting any github repository you’ll get a button to download list of current-files in a direct-download format,
but just those that can be seen, so if you need all the files you’ll have to repeat the browse/click few times for every folder- But for NOTO,
it works well enough:

install GitHub-Download-List,
and visit (for OTF files):

or (for TTF files)

plus the emoji fonts:

*better always use the color emoji, since the “regular one” does not get updated anymore,
you can still specify a monochrome version by adding the invisible \uFE0E (javascript) or ︎ (HTML) afterwards.

you can download files one by one,
which is good if you want (for example) one or two,
or use the download-button to download the list of files and use a multi-part download-manager
such as aria2c to download them all.

You can download the following lists for the regular+Hebrew(otf/ttf) and emoji in here too,
the links are wget/aria2c/curl compatible (aria2c with list is best for a quick download!),
the links-inside should be ok to download for the latest version.