Modified Synaptics SynTP – HighDPI Scroll Fix

Open up task-manager and find all of the running executes from C:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP,
right click and select “end process tree”, to kill the service for now.

Open C:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP folder,
download SynTP_modified_manifest.7z (6.06MB)
and extract it to this directory, replacing the existing files in the folder.

for each EXE and DLL file you have to right-click,
go to “properties” and click “unblock” – since you’ve downloaded it from the internet…

next: go to “Compatibility” tab (if you have one) and check ON the “run this as an administrator”,
click “change settings for all users” and again – check ON “run this as an administrator”.

click OK and OK until the properties dialog will be close.

Copy this content to a new file named sidebysidemanifest.reg:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Those actions will activate an improved version of the default exe/dll files,
with support for High-DPI which will remove the moving cursor bug when you are using the tracking-point instead of the tracking pad. it will support Windows-10 and will allow high-definition scrolling so your movements will be smoother in Chrome etc…

The default permissions will require Admin rights for ALL of the exe,
so you should not skip the step above of setting the exe files “run as an administrator”! (twice!)

You need to fully restart the PC, since the scroll-service will come up very early,
so log-off log-on “won’t cut it…”.

You can go to
to learn how to fix scrolling for applications using several fixes and configurations of the scroll-services.