Don’t Respond To Rude-Language GitHub Users, Unless You Have A Hilarious One..

So, few days ago I’ve tries to collect a changelog
for a nice little product called Synapse, to which the
programmer has a code freely distributes (w/o any of the binaries).
As this is an official app, distributed by Google-Play, it did had a tiny changelog there,
but not as nearly as completed as I’ve found later by
assembling the logs collected by an app distribution website (

I’ve suggested it to the author, as an opened issue
with title included [minor suggestion].

the author preferred to answer rudely,
To which I’ve responded with a bit of humor..

The lessons is here… ?? ammm?????
github is not really different from any other method of
communicating with other people,
you can always find some impolite responses,
but it is important at least to have fun with those too…