Disable YouTube SPF

Disabling SPF (Structured-Page-Fragments/ implementation of Single-Page-Application) has a fallback to natural page browsing.

Just include the following rule in your custom AdBlock -or- uBlock-Origin: /spf.js
it will match https://s.ytimg.com/yts/jsbin/spf-vfldNIm25/spf.js (for example).

or you can make it more specific with the alternative-rule ytimg.com/yts/jsbin/*/spf.js (although the previous one should be perfectly fine as is)

Alternatively, You can install this Google Chrome-extension:
github.com/eladkarako/Chrome-Extension-SPF-Disabler, it might work better for you! no configuration required, there is no need for any adblocking-rules.

the official Chrome extension:

which works quite well by fooling the SPF engine to limit its dynamic-content-loading session,
in favor of a classic page-browsing, plus it removes identifications from elements on the page,
to make links, frame, buttons as not-spf capable,
which too, will gently-nudge the SPF engine towards using the standard loading,
without breaking the page.

plus, if it will works on every web-page that uses a variation of SPF, and not just YouTube.

If you generally, simply don’t like that loading-bar,
or “dynamic loading”- and prefer that every website
will use the standard browsing,
the ones that will refresh the entire page,
the solution (but a bit overkill) is to disable the HTML5 History API,


It can be done using another Chrome-extension:

It will give you a bit of the 1980’s feel :)