#disable-direct-write Alternative For Google Chrome

chrome://flags/#disable-direct-write was removed on newer versions of Chrome,
But you can still use the command-line alternative: --disable-directwrite-for-ui.

For example (Chromium, my Windows’ username):
"C:\Users\Elad\AppData\Local\Chromium\Application\chrome.exe" "--disable-directwrite-for-ui"

Those might help the overall visibility too (add them one by one..)

I can assure you that by end of the list,
both the UI and page’s textual-content will be much easier to read!


if it is getting too much to fit in to the shortcut,
you can use the following exe and ini from here: https://github.com/eladkarako/chromium-runner-with-switches
and edit the ini to point to your path of chrome.exe,
and to have your desired command-line switches.
The plus is that it won’t require much "..." wrapping :]

Also, you might have an old version of Segoe UI,
so consider updating windows or visiting: https://github.com/eladkarako/fonts-windows for an update (also don’t forget to clear the cache using the batch-script and reboot…)


Although not a perfect workaround,
you could probably found some duality in flags
and the command-line switches,
I’m looking every now and again in https://cs.chromium.org/search/?q=switches*.cc&m=100&det=none&type=cs, extracting the relevant file names and updating this repository https://github.com/eladkarako/Chrome-Command-Line-Switches,
you can update the content pretty frequently using the urls_download.cmd script,
but since a lot of files are added/removed, the list itself is mostly updated by hand… :../

Hope it helps ;)


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