CSS Normalize To Streamline Content In One-Page, Without Horizontal-Scroll

the trick is to normalize that the html-element will be the scroll’able element,
desktops usually handle it this way, but many CSS-ZERO blocks you’ll find online,
will make the body scroll its content, content wrapping in a sub-element is
relatively a flow/repaint pricey-action, it also makes the page very slow to scroll (touch too!)

you better off making sure that the body will display the content as is,
and the later element (html) will do the wrapping.

by wrapping the content (and considering the whitespace too!)
there will no need (ever) for horizontal scroll, and the following rules will
provide a compatible normalizing the to this desirable overflowing-content-fit behavior.

  overflow:         visible;
  overflow:            auto;
  word-break:        normal;
  overflow-wrap: break-word;
  word-wrap:     break-word;
  overflow-y:          auto;
  overflow-x:        hidden;
  white-space:     pre-line;