Free Download – Graphics Of Old School Calendar Unicode Emoji

For the article WordPress – A Better Article DateTime I’ve used the Unicode-emoji for calendar,
it vary a lot from Chrome (image like), to Firefox (image/text depending on next-char is a display-variation control char) to mobile devices..

Firefox for mobile presents pretty nice text variation,
so much that I’ve would consider unifying the presentation using an image instead of Unicode,
For the best quality I’ve used an install Firefox browser on my mobile, made the single (text variation) of the calendar emoji character as large as possible (filling the entire screen),
– due its being rendered as text (which is sort of vector-graphic as it is..) means it has rendered perfectly.
following with a screen capture, the result (PNG) was extremely fine, after (manually) creating overlays and creating AI and SVG vector-graphic files, I’ve also exported PNG in the most common resolutions (to avoid the need to resizing it).

Download resources (freely used)

Vector Graphic

HD PNG 32bit + Alpha transparency
Download cal_x8.png
Download cal_x10.png
Download cal_x12.png
Download cal_x14.png
Download cal_x16.png
Download cal_x20.png
Download cal_x24.png
Download cal_x28.png
Download cal_x32.png
Download cal_x48.png
Download cal_x64.png
Download cal_x72.png
Download cal_x96.png
Download cal_x128.png
Download cal_x256.png
Download cal_x512.png
Download cal_x1024.png

Animated Israel Flag

Although Israel’s independence-day (Yom Ha’atzmaut) is not quite-here just yet, (about a ~week from today, [–which is my birthday ;) 🎂] ).

High Quality [415KB]

Slimmed-Down Quality [191KB]

Technical information, and how I’ve done it..

I’ve used the high-resolution 1280×931 pixelsof the Israel-flag from

“feeding it” to a graphic-processing script I’ve wrote for Photoshop, the script slightly warp the edges and “pass a wave” through the center-of-interest of the image,
which required an intelligent algorithm I’ve developed from scratch.. naturally..
– providing extremely edge-smoothing (4×4 pixels for EACH PIXEL!!)
– 40 frames (smooth animation)
– the wave animation is created by a 60% Amplitude/ 40% appearence / 40deg angle wave-riding through the center-of interest of the image, simulate ~4% bump (you can actually calculate it using few university-level physics-101 formulas) and returning-phase (those terms probably won’t tell n00b$ nothing..) of 100 event-phases.
– the gif is high-quality 8bit (256 colors), continues animation with 50 msec delay between frames (calculated)

– “About”:
Flag Of Israel Wiki: English/Hebrew

– More “About”:

– Licensing And Usage limitation:
This file is ineligible for copyright and therefore in the public domain because it consists entirely of information that is common property and contains no original authorship..
Anyway.. it should be used according to the Israeli Flag, Emblem and Anthem Law (1949), or the Israeli Protection of Symbols Law (1974), and according to the ordinances promulgated pursuant to these two laws.

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UMOJI – Unicode Emoji

UMOJI (= Unicode Emoji) is a nice little website at gathering only the fun Unicode characters

Looking for all the fun Unicode characters is a waste of time,
being creative with text is a gr8 way to push some humor into your work and life (and code..)

started as a post named

I’ve made a plain but useful website the allow quick COPY&&PASTE of most useful Unicode-Emojis (either low or high range) including some letters and math symbols too, because you never know when those stuff will be useful,
excluding most of the “letters based characters” (–that quote is not very reasonable..)

and also bidi control chars, and stuff that renders as empty square on fonts that are not “Courier New”

the entire page is “content-editable”, so you can use it as a makeshift Unicode-supported text-editor.
[You could easily add some text around and copy it (it’s just in your pc, it won’t effect the server version) this way you won’t need to look for an editor (if you’re on mac or’s kind’a helpful) that is Unicode-supported, set it and {copy char, switch window}:repeat X times.
just edit your stuff directly in the page]

mess/miss/mash? just reload the page.

December 2016 update:
New version available at and as usual at

4Chan Logo Vectorised

I was created some artist rendering of the old 4chan logo and pass it through to a clean vector graphic (all available formats..).
I’ve thought it might be useful for anyone else too… so I’m sharing it here….

but first…

here is an ICON file (32bit with alpha transparency and with 256 colors too, all formats from 256×256 down to-> 16×16)

here is the seed I’ve used (256×256 PNG, 32bit with alpha transparency)

and the vector graphic ones:

Industry’s Top-6 Most Commonly-Used Vector-Graphics Formats Today

.ai – Adobe Illustrator (Also Known As Adobe Illustrator Artwork)     -> wiki

.dxf – Drawing Exchange Format (Also Known As AutoCAD DXF or Drawing Interchange Format)     -> wiki

.emf – Enhanced Meta Format (Also Known As Windows Enhanced Metafile Format)     -> wiki

.eps – Encapsulated PostScript     -> wiki

.pdf – Portable Document Format     -> wiki

.svg – Scalable Vector Graphics     -> wiki

Downloading Vector-Graphic Samples

All are based on this *lovely* static-bitmap as template (background enhanced with alpha-transparency):


Cool Facepalm Back-and-Forth Infinite-Loop High-Quality Animated GIF

I’ve watched the episode Deja Q of Star Trek The Next Generation (Season 3 Episode 13),

it was the source of this very wild-spread meme, called “facepalm“, featuring captain Jean-Luc Picard,
in whatever-whatnot situation (quite funny..)

anyway I’ve decided to use it as a custom 404 page for a small project I’m doing,
this aside, I’ve desired a fancy animated-GIF, with caption, to capture the entire thing…


  1. get getting the video source (YouTube is a good source, or any HD deluxe package of Star Trek The Next Generation for a better, higher quality result).
  2. For Video-Processing ::  get VirtualDub (x64) and install it
    here are some configuration (grey ones, are optional).

    1. Options->Preformance
      • set all scales to far right (increase buffer).
    2. Options->Preferences
      • ->Images
        • set value of default frame rate to 0.5000, it means “capture an image every ½ of a second”.
      • ->Threading
        • Video compression threads: change from 0 to 1.
        • increase max-threads in combo-box below.
      • ->3D accel
        • check ON the Enable 3D video filter acceleration (VDXA)
  3. For Adding Caption- The Easy Way (As a Subtitle) ::
    1. get K-Lite x86 and x64 mega codec pack, install all ffdshow64 filters.
    2. copy content of C:\Program Files (x86)\K-Lite Codec Pack\Filters\ffdshow64 into
    3. restart VideoLan


now a little watching through the video shows that Jean-Luc Picard starts the meme stuff at
frame number 9287 (in time this is about 0:06:11.480 into from the very start),
and ends on 9333 (0:06:13.320)

  1. go to the start location, you can jump frames with [RIGHT Arrow] [LEFT Arrow] keys, press the ‘Mark In’ button.
  2. do the same with the end location (press the ‘Mark Out’ button.
  3. in the menu:
    1. File->Export->Image Sequence
      1. select a folder (probably best if it will be an empty one)
      2. select ‘PNG’ and remove the checkbox ‘Quick compress’
      3. press ‘OK’ and wait ’till done,
      4. open command-line (CMD) and change-dir to this folder.
      5. *make sure you have ‘imagemagick’ (a.k.a Image-Magic) in the PATH so you could write ‘convert.exe’ anywhere and get the executable running..
      6. run:
        convert -background white -alpha remove -layers OptimizePlus -delay 6 *.png -loop 0 myAnimatedGif.gif
      7. * we are delaying 6/100 since we have a-lot of frames, and it will be reasonably smooth animation (also very high-quality)
      8. this will be now need to be processed again so the animation will be repeated back and forth
      9. run:
        convert myAnimatedGif.gif -coalesce -duplicate 1,-2-1 -layers OptimizePlus -loop 0 backnforthAni.gif
      10. *the command is removing optimizations and applying back after processing, duplication (meaning adding..) frames.

you can apply filters in VideoDub to shrink result before exporting the static-images
the subtitle (there are few) are very useful since you can modify the subtitle file and reload it, and export the result,
which is faster then using another program to image-process text into an image, and put it as an overlay to the video frame,

using subtitle will, naturally, be rendered into the video, but it will be on the higher quality since it will be done once..


very high-quality but huge file, so unless you’re serving it from localhost, with the rest of your project files,
make it
– smaller.
– use fewer frames and higher delay.
– use different quality imagemagick-command-line-switch

I’m using 46 frames and 6/100 delay

half size image

half size image

full size image:
full size image

nice, isn’t.. :)