Build ApkTool

See iCompile – Unofficial ApkTool 🔧 for a ready to use (pre-built) jar binaries.

– How to build –

on Windows 7 x64 / Oracle Java – JDK 1.7.0_80 x64.
Essentially running:

  1. git submodule foreach git clean -fdx && git clean -fdx || git.exe clean -d -fx -- ""
  2. git submodule foreach git pull origin master && git pull --recurse-submodules && git submodule update && git submodule update --recursive
  3. gradlew.bat applyPatches not needed, as of Feb29,2016.
  4. gradlew.bat build fatJarchanged to shadowJar on Jun13,2017.
    gradlew.bat build shadowJar
    • explorer /select,brut.apktool\apktool-cli\build\libs\apktool-cli.jar changed on Jun13,2017.
      explorer /select,brut.apktool\apktool-cli\build\libs\apktool-cli-all.jar
    • explorer /select,brut.apktool.smali\baksmali\build\libs\baksmali-2.1.0-1ff3a375-dirty.jar not needed, as of Feb29,2016.
    • explorer /select,brut.apktool.smali\smali\build\libs\smali-2.1.0-1ff3a375-dirty.jar not needed, as of Feb29,2016.

the version-information is taken from the following (core) files:

  • apktool-cli.jar/
  • apktool-cli.jar/
  • apktool-cli.jar/properties/

You probably want to rename the files, omitting any versioning,
so it will be compatible with your scripts.
It is OK, some things *needs* to be done manually!